Advanced Search

1. Film: People has a drop down list of searchable fields. Information from any of these fields may be included in your Search. Information may be added gradually and searched each time.

2. For People add one word (e.g.) HANKS. Click on ADD. After each piece of information click on ADD. You can see what has been added in a box to the left. It will show the words added and the fields selected. When Search is finished, click on CLEAR and then a new Search may be made.


When you click on one of the results, it is created in a new tab.

Cancel the tab, and it returns to the results.

To leave Advanced Search, click on the the green  FILM.


When selecting Year use first three numbers for decade. e.g. 195 for years 1950-59.

Searching for a Person

1. Click on the green box Person

2. Enter name of person. No accents or other symbols.

3. Click on Search.

4. Click on Name.

5. You may click on Title Headings to put into alphabetical/date order.

Searching for a Film

1. Click green box Film

2. Enter title in window in munged form. (Do not add accents, commas etc. ) Definite and indefinite articles may be ignored but if entered come at the end of the title.

3. You may also just enter a Keyword.

4. Click Search

5. Click on appropriate title. You may click the Title Headings to put into alphabetical/ date order.

6.There may be a short delay before being effective.Film record shows. All names may be clicked upon to discover films of a particular person.

Video To Help you