Why Libraries and Institutions should subscribe

The Complete Index to World Film since 1895 contains information on over 507,364 films produced in most countries of the world between 1888 and 2015. In addition, there are over 576,000 references to books and journals and virtually all of these publications are held in our library. Subscription is only available to libraries and institutions and the version provided contains no advertising.

What does The Complete Index to World Film since 1895 offer that is different from other movie databases that may be accessed at no cost?

Well, first and foremost CITWF can be accessed free as well. You do so with the knowledge, though, that it is based on published materials and not on information sent in by the public. It has provenance. You know also that with 507,364 plus films it can be compared with any other movie database on the Internet. It also contains thousands of films not found in other databases.

Basically, CITWF is a first stop reference tool. In seconds, from a Simple Search, you get the film details and references to published material. You may also use the Advanced Search and build a query across several fields. Again, you have your answer in seconds. For this to work well, it needs to be a comprehensive work and with 507,364 films (> 741,141 film names), you know this database has the substance.

Subscription costs £150/€175/$225 a year and is provided via IP addresses. Trials of the full database easily arranged.