Guinness World Record :
World's largest published film database

Screen Digest :
Puts any other film reference book or internet database to shame with its exhaustive list of over 300,000 films made world-wide since the dawn of cinema. It stands head and shoulders above the rest.

John Walker, Editor of 'Halliwells' :
The most accurate guide to international films, their directors and casts. The search facilities enable researchers to easily track the careers of many thousands of directors and actors through all the years of the cinema and the countries where films have flourished. I find it invaluable.

Dr. Brad Eden 'Electronic Resources Review' :
Goble's Film Index has always been the first source to look for this information; and the CD allows for so much power and flexibility with this index. This is a definitive reference product that should be available in academic and research libraries. It would also be of use to the general public library as their major film database on film and theatre research.

Paul Holbrook, 'The Big Reel' :
As I further explored the depths of the galaxy sealed in this cd-rom, propelled along by nothing more than keystrokes and double-clicks, I realised I was experiencing something else. This little disc is the dawn of a new age in film research and the way it will be done in the next millennium. As more films are produced each year and as more information on forgotten films surfaces, the demands of managing this global database will require better methods of information storage and retrieval. For now, this is the most versatile and convenient way to go.

Martin Glanville, 'Viewfinder BUFVC' :
The Complete Index to World Film is a monumental resource.. This is a powerful tool for those engaged in education, research, business or some other activity, and as a place to start one's enquiries, it is more than satisfactory.

Susan Oka, 'Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Library' :
This resource is strong in foreign film and shorts titles, areas in which it is particularly hard to find information.